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Lorrie Boylen

Freelance Writer


I write about healing soil and healing humans

Is writing really your zone of genius?

Or an efficient use of your time?

Do you absolutely dread the thought of it?

 Do you procrastinate?

Drag your feet?

Straighten your shirt collar?

Check email?

Straighten the files on your desk?

Circle the coffee pot?

Dust books in your office?

Stare out the window?

Tug at that loose thread on your jacket?

Clean the lint out of your pockets?

 Watch cat videos on YouTube?

Surf Facebook?

Read your Twitter feed?

Post that cute pic to Instagram?

Check your emails (again)?

Circle back to the coffee pot (again)?

Count the ceiling tiles in your office?

 File your nails?

Go to the bathroom? (all that coffee!)

Decide it’s time for lunch?

Rinse and repeat?


Do you do anything and everything you can to avoid it?

I’ve got your back

Place your writing needs in the lap of

Lorrie Boylen, Freelance Writer

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Regenerative Agriculture

Health, Wellness, Fitness

You know there’s a better, more sustainable way to handle crops and livestock, and avoid soil erosion, and you want the rest of the world to understand it, too.

Do your solutions support farmers in growing healthier, more sustainable crops and promote soil fertility?

Are your clients interested in holistic grazing practices?

Do you support and promote soil regenerative practices?

Could you use some help with public outreach?

Let me help you grow your business  (pun intended) 

I collaborate with business owners to build their brand and make regenerative agriculture practices more profitable and mainstream.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a maelstrom of mental, social and physical health issues which are here to stay.

Do you provide solutions and support products or services in the Health, Wellness or Fitness sectors?

Do you need help producing concise and compelling promotional, educational materials, product manuals or training materials?

Does your website content entice and excite your potential customers?

Do you use articles or social media copy to educate and reduce stigma surrounding depression, anxiety or trauma

Could you use some help with your public outreach?

I’m here to help you make the world a healthier place

I can provide:

Customer Case Studies | White Papers

Web Content | Articles

Newsletters | Blog Posts

Sales Enablement Copy | Corporate Storytelling

Special Reports | Professional Bios

and more

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